Technology module

Technology module is designed in very creative way as it will cover maximum things in short span of time.  Technology module started with introduction to computer. Then control panel and its function, paint , microsoft word,  effective emailing, creating blog in word express, add post, edit post, insert picture, insert video, themes, creating blog in blogspot.


Fellowship Programme

Fellowship Program
Social entrepreneurs lead and innovate wide-scale social action to effectively and efficiently benefit needy populations. The Foundation believes that social entrepreneurs are essential to the social development sector and supports social entrepreneurship as a core activity. As such, the Deshpande Foundation has created the Deshpande Fellowship Program, a unique opportunity for budding social entrepreneurs.

The Fellowship is an interactive, applied learning experience that aims to foster a generation of successful social entrepreneurs. Participants will learn about existing best practices and engage with local innovators to develop a working knowledge of leading social change models. The program will then leverage this theoretical framework to help each participant design their proposed activity. Fellows will be expected to implement their innovations with partner institutions in the Sandbox in a “social innovation lab” environment. Though the Fellowship will be demanding, it will also be a comprehensive education, invaluable to a Fellow’s future ventures.

Before Fellowship

shipBefore fellowship i was working in a shipping company.  While working in a shipping company there was no time for my job. Whenever ship comes i  have to go on the ship. But when there was no ship or no work then i  was totally  free. Sometimes i  have to work continuously for two days also. But I enjoyed my work a lot. I met many people from other countries. I had made many friends from other countries.  Before joining the DFP  I had given an interview and i also had selected as Area manager in one of the  sampling company. But because of  DFP i did not joined the company.


beach picMy name is amit. I am from Goa. My childhood was in the beautiful place of Vasco.  Till 12 th i was in Goa and after i had done my graduation in Rural development in Karnataka University. In our college main focus was given on Practical. We have to go to the village and Stay in the village.  I have completed all my projects in the same village. There were many good experience at the village . After completion of my graduation i went back to the Goa. I worked in one organisation for two years, where we have to go the village and start free courses to the villagers for their self employment.  After that i joined shipping company. There i had worked for three years. My work was whenever the ships comes under our agency i have to go and do all the formalities related to customs, immigration, marine mercantile dept and port health officer.


English :

In class we have the presentation.

Technology :

I have learnt abt reading setting, how to create page, delete blog, and users role.


Entrepreneurial video

friendship day

Today all of us celebrated friendship day by wishing and greeting each other. Friendship day is very much important beacuse we celebrate it as a festival. All the friends meet together and share our feelings and also cheers others for doing good in their life. click here for comedy video